ft. lauderdale.

So, I just wrote this. I don’t know if it’s done yet, lyrically.

I knew you were lost for awhile
So I limited what I could see
Since you would not let me fight your demons
I tried not to watch you feed mine

An exhausted breath
Held in my lungs
Is getting hard to hold
My eyes turn red
From the pressure building
Behind them

I’m pretty surprised that they picked this song for the next act in the story. But it’s fucking crazy.

The drum beat in this song is definitely on of my all time favorites. Up there with “Scentless Apprentice” by Nirvana and “Magazine” by Pedro the Lion. I love simple, strong drums.

"Rapture (Cover)" - Pedro the Lion

"Options (Cover)" - Pedro the Lion

Nothing Lasts Forever


Two in one night?!

“Wrong (Reprise)” - Five Hundred Days

Happy anniversary, Part II.


Happy anniversary, honey.

“Too Small (Acoustic)” 

The woman I love
Has made me who I am
I’m not sure how to feel about it
The woman I love
Loves another
I don’t think that I’m alright without her

But I’m lost without her here
Baby, trust me if I had a choice
I’d let you walk away clean
And I don’t know what to do without her
I keep on moving on
Just to find out that my world is too small

The woman I love
Has made a mess of me
I’m having trouble trying to figure out if
The woman I love
Will ever understand
I’m going crazy trying to get around it

I hope you’ll save me
So I can forget what may have been
And look at you the way I should

This song just popped in my head, as it does from time to time. That melody. That heavy beat. I love it.

"Magazine" - Pedro the Lion/David Bazan

"I’d Do Anything" - John Butler Trio

A Cover by Me.

Goddamn you, rock n roll. You beautiful bastard. I love how casually he switches instruments.

Frankenstein - Edgar Winters Group

Here’s a video from my drumming days, back when I buzzed my hair off. I miss this 2AM drunken jams.

"This Is All Now" - Taking Back Sunday

Belated Promise Ring by Iron & Wine

They say, “Time may give you more than your poor bones could ever take”
I think I could never love another girl

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Foxing - Friendly Homes

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